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About The Hall Of Fame

Super Bowl Champions Jesse Sapolu and Ma’a Tanuvasa have personally made the Polynesian Football journey. It is this experience that inspired them to establish the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame in 2013 to honor Polynesia’s greatest players, coaches and contributors.

The permanent home of the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame is located at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This beautiful gallery showcases the achievements of the inductees and Polynesian football legends with plaques, photos, mementos, an interactive display and a Wall of Honor. The Polynesian Cultural Center is one of Hawai’i’s largest tourist destinations, attracting over 700,000 visitors annually, which allows us to share the incredible journey and impact of Polynesian football players with the world.

Programs & Support

The Polynesian Football Hall of Fame is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. It's charitable mission is as follows:

  • Preserve, promote and serve as a resource for Polynesian Football history.
  • Provide College scholarships designated for student-athletes of Polynesian ancestry.
  • Educational programs focusing on character and teamwork for youth within the Polynesian community.
  • Support may also be provided for other initiatives positively benefiting Polynesian culture and heritage.

Federal Tax ID: 46-3158865

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