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About Polynesian Football

The first Polynesian to play in the NFL was Offensive Lineman Al Lolotai, a Samoan, who was a member of the 1945 Washington Redskins. The first Polynesian to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame was "Squirmin" Herman Wedemeyer, a Hawaiian, in 1979. The first Polynesian to win the Heisman Trophy, was quarterback Marcus Mariota, a Samoan, in 2015. And, Inaugural Polynesian Football Hall of Fame Inductee Junior Seau, is the first Polynesian to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Legends such as Kevin Mawae, Kurt Gouveia, Jesse Sapolu, Jack "The Throwin' Samoan" Thompson, Troy Polomalu and Olin Kreutz have contributed to Polynesian Football lore.

The Polynesian influence and prestige in American football is at an all-time high, and rapidly expanding. Today, there are over 60 NFL players of Polynesian ancestry. Polynesian football players have become part of the American football lexicon.

The Polynesian Football Hall of Fame will continue to share this storied history and recognize its greatest participants.

Herman Wedemeyer Troy Polamalu and Haloti